On November 2, 2018, nearly 250 educators, employers, nonprofit professionals, policymakers, and others passionate about the future of education joined together with another 100 volunteer faculty, students and staff from Olin College of Engineering and Emerson College to engage in a bold collaborative experiment to accelerate change in education. These 350 people from across the US and around the world participated in three modes of engagement.  First, throughout the day, they gathered as a collective to hear personal stories about the power of education.  Second, every participant also engaged in active, hands-on, team-based learning through distinct experiences organized around three principles – Deepen, Design, Dissent – tools and habits of mind that help us envision and pursue a different future.  Third, informal opportunities to reflect on the day and talk with other participants gave rise to new collaborative adventures.  This website offers an overview of this unusual and generative event. 

Participants tell us that the most meaningful insights from the fun and intellectually stimulating day include:

  • doing is as vital as knowing

  • emotion and authentic caring relationships are critical to educational success

  • structural inequities continue to plague our current educational system

  • we should feel hopeful and empowered as a community determined to make change in education

We are excited to announced the winner of the Grant for Remaking Education through Action Together: a competitive award made available to participants with a bold vision for meaningful change in education and a compelling plan for getting it started.

#RemakingEducation Storytellers


Richard Miller


As president of Olin College of Engineering Rick Miller has traveled the world speaking about important matters in education while helping others to make positive change in that regard.

Lee Pelton


Lee Pelton is the 12th president of Emerson College in Boston. He is an internationally-known speaker and writer on the value of a liberal education and the importance of leadership development, civic engagement, and diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Ellise LaMotte


Ellise LaMotte is the Director of the Center for STEM Diversity at Tufts University, supporting underrepresented populations in STEM fields through academic and social programmatic offerings and research opportunities.

Heather Jenkins


Heather is the Vice President of Equity at uAspire, a college access and success organization focusing on college affordability. Prior to joining uAspire, she was the Managing Director of Service Impact and Evaluation at City Year Boston.

Antonio Perez


A third year Mechanical Engineering student at Olin College, Antonio aspires to serve underprivileged populations and work towards equity, whether it be on the basis of race, class, or social identity.

Brandon Busteed


Brandon is an internationally-recognized educational entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and university trustee. Formerly a Partner and Executive Director of Education and Workforce Development at Gallup, in September Brandon became President of Kaplan University Partners.

Doug Rauch


Doug spent 31 years with Trader Joe's Company, the last 14 years as President, helping grow the business from a small, nine-store chain to a nationally acclaimed retail success story. Today he is the Founder and President of Daily Table, an innovative retail concept designed to bring affordable nutrition to the food insecure.

Sara Hendren


Sara creates collaborative public art that engages the human body, technology, and the politics of disability. She frequently writes and lectures on prosthetics, disability studies, hybrid art-engineering practices, critical design, and related topics.

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